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This Superfood Cafe Just Launched Your Winter Soup Fix

It’s that time of year again, when we bring out the proverbial puffer jacket for two weeks as Brisbane becomes cold… like, really cold. Well to us, that is.

Coco Bliss know that the can of tuna and rice at the bottom of your bag just won’t cut it during these colder weeks, so they’ve got us covered with their limited-edition range of hearty, healthy soups.

That’s right, you can get your hands on a delectable new range of wholesome soups at Coco Bliss; we’re talking a new flavour of soup each week to keep our hands warm and tummy’s content, including coconut cream, pumpkin, and Mediterranean, to name a delicious few.

All this hearty, tasty food calls for a post-lunch treat, and we can guarantee you’ll love their range of raw desserts. Think: peanut butter cups, bounty bars and cherry ripe slices; they’re so damn delicious, you'll forget they’re raw, vegan, gluten free AND completely refined sugar free. It’s a miracle, really.

Wash it all down with one of their fresh juices, and it’ll be your best lunch to date.

What are you waiting for? Get your soup on.