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Raise a Glass to Worldwide Whiskey

The world of whiskey is as large as it is delicious, so it’s only fitting we raise a glass to what is hailed the greatest drink in the world on International Whiskey Day.

Our mates at The Charming Squire are proud to present an evening where whiskey is celebrated in all its glory on Thursday 25th March, with multiple drops from around the globe taking centre stage. Think: Scotland’s Johnnie Walker, Ireland’s Jameson and Australia’s Sullivan’s Cove, to name a few.

Whether you’re a connoisseur or novice, this event has something for everyone! As the historic tipple is highlighted, you can rest assured the team will lend a helping hand to anyone whose interest is piqued by the epic selection.

The best part? The evening will be paired with a three-course dinner carefully curated by the Executive Chef; we’re talking your favourite bites from The Charming Squire, finished off with Whiskey Truffle. Yes please.

To sum it up, for $95pp you’ll get crafted cocktails and canapés on arrival, a three-course dinner, matched whiskies from around the globe and Whiskey Truffle to finish. That’s incredible value, if you ask us.

Quit drooling and book your tickets here before they whisk(ey) away.