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Keep an Eye Out for Epic Art Installations This Month

Rejoice, fellow creatives! Brisbane Street Art Festival is back in 2021, turning walls, bridges, and buildings across the city into a vibrant canvas. That’s right, some of the best artists across the globe (and Australia!) are joining forces to bring the city to life, with live murals, workshops, and events from May 1st to 16th.

Brisbane Street Art Festival has rapidly grown into one of the largest Street Art festivals in the country, and for good reason. This year it’s back and better than ever, with its exciting debut at South Bank showcasing a thrilling line-up of experiences.

Never fear, because we've rounded up what's happening at South Bank.

Colour by Numbers | Flowstate | May 2 & 8, 10am – 11.30am

In this hands-on experience, you will be guided through the completion of a simple mural work with Brisbane artist, Shock Jr. With the outlines of the mural ready to go, you'll splash on colour to bring this mural to life, while gaining a knowledge of mural art techniques, colour theory and scaling up artworks for walls.

Typography Masterclass | Flowstate | May 2 & 8, 2pm – 3.30pm

This workshop will draw you into the world of typography - stylistic text and words! Playing with letters as a visual medium, you'll discover the power of arranging words to create a decorative and dynamic style of visual communication. Brisbane artist and sign writer Rick Hayward will guide you through a collaborative design, and introduce hand lettering techniques including drafting letterforms, spacing and stroke consis.

South Bank Artist Talks | Flowstate | May 8, 12pm – 1pm

Join the BSAF 2021 artists who have been engaged to brighten the lush surrounding of South Bank Parklands for an intriguing panel discussion. Claire Foxton, Jasmine Crisp, @MCRT.Studio, Shock Jr and Rick Hayward, will put down their brushes and cans to give an insight into their artistic styles and creative experiences.

Live Murals | Little Stanley Street | May 8, 10am – 2pm

Little Stanley Street will come to life on May 8, with live murals from some of the globes most renowned artists. Take a stroll through the Parklands or sit by a nearby café as you take in this incredible experience. The murals will be completed by Claire Foxton, Jasmine Crisp, @MRCT.Studio, Rick Hayward, and Shock Jr.

What are you waiting for? Have your cameras at the ready, because an incredible (and 'gram-worthy!) experience awaits.