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Guess Who Just Released a Biscoff Ice Cream Cake

Let’s hear it for ice cream cakes, bringing back all the nostalgia from childhood parties, one brain freeze at a time.

Cold Rock are here to help us re-live the good ol’ days, with an epic line-up of iconic ice cream cakes so delectable, you’ll want one all to yourself (really, we won’t judge you if you buy one for yourself).

It's true that Cold Rock have always come through with the inventive ice cream goods, whether it’s your own creation or one of their epic monthly specials – we speak from experience, having tried it ALL; so, it’s only fitting they release a brand-new range of ice cream cakes to match.

Firstly, for the fellow Biscoff lovers, there’s the For the Love of Bis-Coff, lined with layers of salted caramel, vanilla ice cream and fresh Biscoff, and topped with Biscoff spread and crushed Biscoff.

Then there’s It’s Raining M’s, packed with, you guessed it, M&M’s and vanilla ice cream. If you’re more of a nut lover, the All or Nut-ting is for you, jammed with vanilla ice cream, peanut butter spread, Snickers and Picnic chocolate.

Adding to the iconic line-up of flavours is My Kind-er Surprise, featuring chocolate and vanilla ice cream, and yep, a big old bunch of tasty Kinder chocolate throughout. Finally, there’s the Ferraro Dreaming, loaded with Ferraro ice cream, choc brownie and Ferrero Rocher. We're sold.

Whether you're catering for your next dinner party, birthday celebration or treating yourself (let's face it, you deserve it), there’s something for everyone.

See the entire range here.