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BrisFest BTS: Socially Distanced Dance Club

As Brisbane Festival weaves its way through South Bank, we sit down with a feature artist weekly to give you a BTS (behind the scenes!) look at the diversity and talent you can expect at this year’s festival. Today we'll be talking all things dance and BrisFest with Neridah from the Socially Distanced Dance Club.

Who are you and what is the story behind Socially Distanced Dance Club?
My name is Neridah Waters and I run big community dance parties and projects and thought, how could I do that under the Covid Safe restrictions that we are under at the moment? Maybe if we mark up a big disco dance floor with a 4m sq per person and embrace the strict 1.5 metre distance between each other, we could explore all the great solo fad dances and crazes through the ages, and still dance!

What is your favourite thing about dance?
That it makes you feel so ridiculously good both physically and emotionally. Nothing beats moving your body about to music.

Then, what is your favourite style of dancing?
Dancing passionately to lyrics of 80's songs. Haha, is that a style? Maybe interpretive dance? Oh, and I love disco.

Okay, spill - what can we expect from Socially Distanced Dance Club at Brisbane Festival 2020?
Come and join the Common People at our Socially Distanced Dance Club! Claim your government-approved four meter square solo dance space and prepare for a whirlwind race through dance crazes across the ages. Expect games and challenges as you twist, twerk, shuffle, hustle, running man, macarena, floss wutusi, batusi and most importantly, safety dance your worries away.

And what are you looking forward to at Brisbane Festival 2020?
Being able to connect and dance with other people, in a socially distanced and Covid safe way! It's been a strange year for everyone feeling disconnected.

Please tell us we can find you elsewhere in Brisbane?
I'm running The Common People Dance Eisteddfod at the Piazza in South Bank.

What is one message you would give to prospective dancers?
Put on your disco shoes, your funnest dance outfit from any era and get ready to boogie!

What excites you most when looking ahead for your group?
Welcoming people of all ages and all abilities to come and dance with any of our upcoming Common People Dance Projects.

Psst… having a good time at Brisbane Festival is hungry work! Find delicious Brisfest dining offers here.