The Great & Grand Rumpus

Imagine a world where one-eyed creatures can shoot laser beams and cows are taller than giraffes - in the land of imagined things at The Great & Grand Rumpus, anything is possible.

This summer step into a wild world of wonder, wackiness and whimsy. Explore large cardboard sculptures scaling five meters high and watch as they are brought to life by interactive digital projections.

Get hands on and craft your own mythical creation at The Great & Grand Rumpus. From koi lanterns to board games and more, the land of the rumpus is a haven for makers, creators and artists alike.

Allow your inner child to experience the limitless imagination of make-believe places and see how over 1000 innovative storytellers just like you have crafted and sculpted mythical worlds and creatures based on ideas workshopped by kids over the last 18 months.

The Great & Grand Rumpus brings the nonsensical to life, the unreal to reality and LOUDNESS to the Library!

State Library of Queensland