Taste of QAGOMA: Tour and Lunch Experience

Want to know more about one of Australia’s most visited, ambitious, and dynamic art galleries? Interested in discovering the stories behind some of QAGOMA’s most popular historical and contemporary artworks? Keen to share your experience with fellow-minded folk over a delicious lunch by the river?

Join Taste of QAGOMA: Tour and Lunch experience taking place fortnightly from 23 June – 20 October 2022.

Escorted by one of QAGOMA’s passionate volunteer guides, you’ll hear the story of QAGOMA from its early origins in 1895 to its establishment across two architecturally acclaimed buildings today. The tour includes fascinating revelations and insights regarding key artworks across both QAG and GOMA before concluding with a relaxing lunch at the GOMA Bistro, by the river.

Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art - QAGOMA